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Lulav & Etrog

  • Order Your Lulav and Etrog Set Online!

  • Every day of Sukkot (except Shabbat) we take the arba minim, a.k.a. "four kinds." Sukkot is a seven-day holiday starting on th eve of Sunday, 15 Tishrei - Sept 30 2023 and concluding on 21 Tishrei - Oct 6 2023.
    Not planning to get your own, come to Lulav & Latte Or just let us know a time and you can stop by to do the Mitzvah.

    What are the four kinds? A palm branch (lulav), two willows (aravot), a minimum of three myrtles (hadassim) and one citron (etrog).
    To learn more about this special Mitzvah Click Here

    Each set includes: 1 Etrog, 1 Lulav, 3 Hadasim (Myrtle Branch), 2 Aravot (Willow branch)

    Last day to order is Sunday, September 10 2023

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