Join our warm and friendly Shabbat prayer service!
Discover the meaning of Shabbat prayers, with spirited song and Hebrew-English user-friendly prayer books.
Listen to the Torah reading with thought provoking Torah insights.
Followed by a delicious Shabbat Kiddush, socialize with your Jewish neighbors, say L'chaim and uplift your entire week.

Services take place on Saturdays
(See below for the list of dates for our official Minyan Services, although we encourage to come every Saturday)
9:30 am
There will be games and toys for children throughout services.

No Hebrew background is necessary at this user-friendly service.
No membership or affiliation is required.
Hebrew books with English translation are provided.
Page numbers are announced throughout the service.


Here is the list of dates for our Shabbat services:

For High Holiday Services Click Here

October 14
November 4
December 2
December 9
January 20
February 10
March 2
March 9
March 23
April 13
May 18
June 1
July 6
August 10

Here is a list of our holiday services that are not on Shabbat:

For High Holiday Services 2023 Click Here
October 1 (Sunday, Sukkot)
October 7 (Saturday, Yizkor End of Sukkot)
October 8 (Sunday, Simchat Torah)

April 23 & 24 - First days of Passover
April 29 - Seventh day of
April 30 - Final Day of Passover + Yizkor Memorial Service
June 12 - First day of Shavuot
June 13 - Second day of Shavuot

If you would like to join services or for more info
Email [email protected] or call 904.701.4422